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Where transparency meets exceptional value. We understand that when it comes to choosing a salon, pricing plays a crucial role in making informed decisions. At ORU London, we believe in providing our clients with a clear and comprehensive price list that reflects our commitment to quality and affordability. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that you can confidently select the services that align with your needs and budget. 

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The Price List

Whether you’re looking for a simple trim, a complete hair transformation, or a rejuvenating treatment, our price list offers a range of options to suit every individual. Discover the perfect balance of quality, expertise, and value as we guide you through our meticulously designed price list, ensuring that you can make informed choices and embark on a remarkable hair journey with us.

Colour & Advanced Treatments

Balayage - Half Head

Choose our half head Balayage for a subtle, natural effect. Enhance the crown and upper sections of your hair with delicate highlights that frame your face and create beautiful movement. Our skilled stylists will hand-paint highlights to achieve a soft, blended look tailored to your features.

Keratin Blow Out

Discover the magic of our Keratin Blow Out at ORU London. Transform your hair with our nourishing keratin treatment and expert blow-drying. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to effortlessly sleek locks. 

Highlights - Half Head

For a nuanced approach, try our half head highlights. This technique enhances the crown and upper sections of your hair, framing your face and adding depth and texture. 

Highlights - T-Section

Choose our T-section highlights for a radiant touch that frames your face. This technique focuses on illuminating the top section of your hair, including the roots and around your parting. The result is a fresh, youthful look with added brightness and dimension.

Balayage - Full Head

Meticulously hand-painted highlights create seamless transitions, adding depth, dimension, and a radiant glow throughout your hair. Achieve your desired sun-kissed or dramatic look as our talented team customises the perfect complement to your skin tone and personal style.

Highlights - Full Head

By artfully placing highlights throughout your hair, creating a seamless blend of colour with striking brightness and movement. Whether you seek sun-kissed strands or vibrant hues, our expert team customises the intensity and placement to bring your vision to life and enhance your natural beauty.

Colour - Full Head Tint

Transform your hair with our full head tint for a vibrant and uniform colour that complements your style and natural beauty.

Colour - Tint & T-Section Highlight

Experience a dynamic look with our tint and T-section highlight combination, creating stunning contrast and depth for a head-turning style.

Root Tint

Refresh your hair’s vibrancy with our precise root tint application, seamlessly blending regrowth and ensuring flawless coverage.

Glossing Semi Permanent Colour

Enhance shine and vibrancy with our gentle glossing semi-permanent colour, improving the overall condition and delivering a glossy, radiant appearance.

Cuts & Styles

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Blowdry (Long Hair)

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Blowdry (Short Hair)

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